Eagles DC Jim Schwartz Forgets Who The Redskins’ QB Is During Press Conference (Video)

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions

Division games are always intense, especially when it’s any team in the NFC East, because they know each other so well.

On Thursday during a press conference, Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz had an epic brain fart when asked about the Washington Redskins quarterback. as he couldn’t for the life of him remember who the hell plays under center for the team.

A reporter had to help him as Schwartz finally snapped back to reality to answer his question:

Reporter: “What has (Redskins quarterback Kirk) Cousins shown you on tape?

Schwartz (completely baffled as to who the reporter is referring to): ” … Ga… No … Cousins? …”

Reporter: “Kirk.”

Schwartz: ” … Oh, Kirk!”


NFC East rivals Philadelphia Eagles & Washington Redskins are set to play each other at Fedex Field this Sunday.

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