Hot Mic Catches Jim Nantz Saying What He REALLY Thinks About National Anthem Protests (Video)

Jim Nantz

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Pretty much everyone who pays any attention to the NFL has an opinion about the national anthem protests sweeping the league. Some people have no problem sharing that opinion. Others are more inclined to keep their opinions to themselves, whether for personal or professional reasons.

One of those people inclined to keep his opinion to himself for professional reasons was CBS announcer Jim Nantz. But of course, I put that “was” in italics because Nantz’s opinion has now been made very public, albeit without his knowledge.

The folks over at Deadspin have obtained some off-air footage from the Dolphins-Bengals game on September 29. As the national anthem plays Nantz can be heard saying, “they’re going to keep kneeling as long as they have cameras right up to their face.”

Take a look:

The “they” in question here almost certainly refers to wide receiver Kenny Stills and safety Michael Thomas of the Dolphins. They have been protesting police brutality and racial inequality all season. And as you can clearly hear, Nantz is very skeptical that their motives are in fact genuine.

The fallout from this leak should be pretty interesting. Stay tuned.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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