Vin Scully Does Play-by-Play for Home Run Jimmy Kimmel Hit 12 Years Ago (Video)


Vin Scully may have called his final game, but that doesn’t mean he’s entirely done doing play-by-play.

On Thursday night, while the Dodgers were in DC fighting for their postseason lives in what would turn out to be an all-time October classic against the Nationals, the legendary Dodgers broadcaster was back in Los Angeles doing play-by-play for a celebrity softball game that happened over 12 years ago.

Why? Well, Scully had stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for a chat, so Kimmel asked him to call a home run he hit in a celebrity softball game at Minute Maid Park in Houston way back in 2004. Naturally Scully obliged, and from the look on Kimmel’s face I’d say he made the talk show host’s day.

Take a look:

Of course, a lot of Dodgers fans probably wish Scully was covering their team’s postseason run instead of humoring Jimmy Kimmel. But this really is for the best. Scully deserved a dedicated, well-planned sendoff, and that’s exactly what he got. Not even a silly late night talk show bit can undo that.

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