Conor McGregor On Scary Clowns: ‘I Would Slap The Head Off Them & Stick It Up Their Ass’ (Video)


I guess it’s safe to say that UFC fighter Conor McGregor is not a fan of clowns, especially the ones that have been driving the country nuts with threats of shooting up various social events and schools.

During a recent interview, Conor McGregor stated exactly what he would do if he encountered someone dressing up as a clown out in the streets trying to scare him.

“Yeah I’ve seen the people dressing up as clowns,” “I’d slap the heads off em. You see someone jumping out and screaming in your face wearing a clown mask? I’d slap the head off em, pull the clown mask off and stick it up his arse. What the fuck even is that? I don’t know what the fuck that is.”

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