Youth Football Coach Executed in Front of His Team of 7-Year-Old Boys (Video)


Gun violence is a serious issue around the country, but it really hits close to home when it happens right in front of young kids who are trying to enjoy themselves while playing football.

The Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes youth football team will never speak or see their coach again after he was gunned down in the parking lot right after he had just brought his team cookies and Gatorade.

Local 10 has the details:

“When the first shot was fired, little Jalik Johnson was in the football field. He said he thought there were fireworks. But when more gun shots followed, others recognized the terrifying sound.

Jalik said everybody just started running off the football field at the Mills Pond Park, 2201 NW Ninth Ave., in Fort Lauderdale.

Jalik would never see his  Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes youth football coach again. Dave Williams — a 43-year-old DJ and business owner who was better known as “Coach Disco Dave”  — was the target of the shooting.

“It should have never been him,” Jalik said. “He was a good guy. He always gave us dollars after practice.”

Before Williams ended up on the ground bleeding in the parking lot, he had brought Jalik and his teammates cookies and Gatorade. He was shot about 8:44 p.m., Thursday.”

Anyone with information are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.


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