Adrien Broner And Floyd Mayweather Kiss and Make Up After Broner’s Social Media Suicide Scare (Videos)


It looks like Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather have buried the hatchet following Broner’s social media suicide scare.

For those of you who do not follow childish boxing feuds, Broner was one of Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s top proteges. However, the two had a falling out last November after Floyd criticized Broner for some insensitive remarks about Caitlyn Jenner, and they’ve been trading insults, burns, and diss tracks ever since.

That all changed last week, however. Broner gave his family and friends quite the scare with some social media posts suggesting he was contemplating suicide. According to TMZ, when Mayweather saw the posts he reached out to Broner, inviting the troubled boxer to stay at his Las Vegas mansion until he gets back on his feet. Floyd’s rep even went so far as to say “Floyd is taking care of Adrien.”

Now it certainly appears as though Floyd and Broner have kissed and made up. The two shared a fun-filled weekend in Vegas, which Broner made sure to document on Snapchat:

The two were also seen training together and Floyd’s gym:

Awwwwe. What a cute couple. This is exactly what we all needed to get over Brangelina.

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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