Journalist Who Threw Beer on Field During Playoff Game Fired From His Job


About two weeks ago, Postmedia employee Ken Pagan threw a beer can toward a Baltimore Orioles outfielder during a Toronto Blue Jays playoff game and social media went crazy trying to pinpoint the culprit.

Once found, Pagan deleted all of his social media accounts and according to spokeswoman Georgia Sourtzis, he is now out of a job at Postmedia.

“Ken Pagan has left Postmedia,” spokeswoman Georgia Sourtzis said in a brief email.

Pagan was charged with mischief for throwing that can during the wild card playoff game and he is scheduled to appear in court on November 10th.

“Postmedia, which previously said it was conducting an internal investigation, did not answer questions about the circumstances of Mr. Pagan’s departure. “We don’t discuss employment details,” Ms. Sourtzis said.

However, a source with knowledge of the case said Mr. Pagan was terminated. He has hired Toronto employment lawyer Ben Millard, who declined comment.

Howard Levitt, an employment lawyer who is not involved in the case, said companies increasingly don’t want to be associated with employees whose behaviour, even off duty, reflects badly on them.

“It was inevitable because no employer is going to retain an employee who’s a public embarrassment,” said Mr. Levitt, who wrote a textbook on dismissal.”


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