Twitter Goes Nuts Over “Marlins Woman” Sitting Next to Marlins Man at Wrigley (Pic + Tweets)


Marlins Man was at Game 2 of the NLCS between the Cubs and Dodgers at Wrigley on Sunday night. You couldn’t miss him. He was wearing his trademark orange Marlins jersey and sideways Marlins visor.

However, there was something different about Marlins Man. As some eagle-eyed fans watching the game on television pointed out, it appeared as though Marlins Man had a Marlins Woman with him.


It certainly was a nice thought, that Marlins Man had found someone with whom to share his love of sitting in the front row at major sporting events in bright orange Marlins shirts. Unfortunately, Marlins Woman was (a) not “with” Marlins Man, and (b) not a woman. Marlins Woman was in fact PFT Commenter.


The Barstool Sports satirist was obviously at the game to meet Marlins Man and get noticed. But he never could have predicted what would happen. Thanks to the handful of baseball fans who thought PFT Commenter was a woman, #MarlinsWoman started trending on Twitter. And naturally, PFT Commenter thought that was amusing:


Eventually PFT Commenter asked his 162K followers not to tweet about #MarlinsWoman:

So obviously, before long, pretty much everybody on Twitter was tweeting about #MarlinsWoman:


Of course, Cubs fans probably never want to see Marlins Woman again…


But I think it’s safe to say the rest of Twitter wouldn’t mind an encore.

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