Insane Video: Mountain Bikers Dodge Bullets on Trail in Washington’s Capitol State Forest


Mountain bikers are used to dealing with unexpected obstacles, such as fallen trees and errant boulders. But dodging bullets? Not usually a concern.

Unfortunately for one group of mountain bikers, dodging bullets was a concern when they headed out on the green trail at Washington’s Capitol State Forest back on March 12. It was a pretty major, life-threatening concern.

Amazingly, one of the bikers had a GoPro recording and caught the entire ordeal on video, which we’ve just now happened across. The three of them are just riding along, minding their own business, when you suddenly hear the sound of gunfire at the 59-second mark. A caption on the video says that the sound of gunfire is not unheard of on the trail, but that it’s not usually so close. Then, right on cue, you hear a bullet whiz by the camera like it’s a Yosemite Sam cartoon.

At that point all three bikers dismount and take cover. Eventually, when the firing stops, they run up to the top of the ridge and give the trigger-happy moron several justifiably profane pieces of their minds.

The shooter’s response? “Sorry!”

Take a look:

This is not an anti-gun post. This is an anti-idiot post. If you like shooting guns for fun, that’s cool. Just don’t do it where you can f*%&ing murder somebody.

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