Brandon Marshall On Broncos Defense Facing Texans QB Brock Osweiler: “We Want To Kill Him.”


After winning the Super Bowl last February, everyone on the Denver Broncos assumed quarterback Brock Osweiler would be under center when Peyton Manning retired from the league.

They were sorely mistaken as Osweiler decided to take a huge deal and sign with the Houston Texans instead. Brock hasn’t had the start he would like to the season, but he does have his team at 4-2 and leading the AFC South at the moment.

On Monday, Osweiler will make his return to Sports Authority Field to face the Denver Broncos for the first time since leaving, and the fan base and players are anxiously awaiting him.

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall is ready for Osweiler’s return and he stated exactly what the Broncos defense wants to do to Brock when he steps on that field on Monday.


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