Old Fashioned Rock’em Sock’em Hip Check from Dmitry Orlov Sends Matt Duchene Head Over Heels (Video)


You don’t see many hip checks in the NHL anymore. It’s a bit of a lost art. Guys used to know how to glide into opponents and flip them head over heels without even hurting them. Now they are just lazy, sticking out elbows and shoulders, giving each other concussion after concussion.

Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov still knows how to hip check, though. On Tuesday he delivered a wicked hip check to Avalanche center Mat Duchene that was right out of Don Cherry’s Rock’em Sock’em Hockey.

You remember Rock’em Sock’em Hockey, right? No? Okay well, yeah, I’m old. Rock’em Sock’em Hockey was basically an hour-long mixtape of bone-crushing hits curated by crusty old sissy-hatin’ Canadian hockey icon Don Cherry. And Orlov’s filthy hip check on Duchene would fit right in.

Take a look at this beauty:

Glorious. And nobody got a concussion.

By the way, Don Cherry still does a new Rock’em Sock’em Hockey every year. But they’re kind of obsolete given the existence of the internet, and they don’t have the cheesy 80s music and graphics.

I prefer to remember Rock’em Sock’em like this:

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