Donald Penn’s Sidechick is Possibly Going to Sue His Wife For Defamation

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It’s hard out here in these streets when you have to balance your home-life with your side-chick.

Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Donald Penn had all his business put out in the open when his upset wife, Dominique Penn, took to Instagram to blast his sidechick, reality star Camilla Poindexter, for getting impregnated by him.

She wasn’t upset at him.  Rather, she was angry that the sidechick was messing with her money. After being slandered in a lengthy posts on Instagram, Camilla has lawyered up and is thinking about suing Penn’s wife for defamation.

Via TMZ:

“In her online rant, Dominique said she vows to block Camilla from getting any of Penn’s money because, “I’m not letting ANYONE take the money that I’ve earned because she thinks hush money is going to help her life!”

We spoke with sources close to Camilla who tell us Poindexter is adamant she NEVER tried to shake down Penn and there was no request for “hush money.”

We’re told Donald offered to kick in financially on his own — which Camilla gladly accepted — but she claims money has never been an issue.

Our Camilla sources say she’s lawyered up and is considering taking legal action against Dominique for defamation — but so far, she has yet to file any paperwork.”

Dominique has since deleted all posts, but this is the internet and nothing goes away. EVER.

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Wife, Dominique:


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