Don’t Worry, Guys! Ric Flair Is Now Running for President! (Video)


While many voters this year feel confined by the two-party system, those willing to break away from the big parties might find there’s one more option.

Yup. Ric Flair.

With less than three weeks to go in the election, the former WWE superstar has declared his candidacy with running mate Waka Flocka Flame.

Here’s the tweet that’s almost certainly not going to change the outcome of the election:

Flame, at just 30 years old, is too young to run himself, so he got an older (a much older) running mate to headline the ticket. Their goal is to “Make America ‘WOOOOO!’ Again,” which, as silly as it sounds, could very well be the most cogent strategy in this entire campaign.

They aren’t making any ballots, so this would likely be a vote to just register your disgust with the whole damn system, which is probably still pretty attractive to American folks.

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