Giants K Josh Brown Admits to Beating Up Wife & Calling Her a Slave

New York Giants v Pittsburgh Steelers

Reports surfaced earlier this year of New York Giants kicker Josh Brown and his history of abusing his ex-wife, including multiple times when she was pregnant with his child. It is believed that Brown may have abused her more than twenty times over the past year.

Just a reminder that he only got a one game suspension, because you know, there was no video of it—or the NFL would have really dropped that hammer and gave him two games.

Journal entries and emails were uncovered on Wednesday and they show just how sick and twisted Josh brown really is:

“Giants kicker Josh Brown admitted to physically and emotionally abusing his wife and called himself a sex-addicted “deviant” who viewed himself as “God” and his wife as “my slave”, according to entries in his own journals, emails to his wife, and a letter he wrote to friends, which were obtained by SNY.

Those damning confessions came from journals and emails turned over to police by Brown’s now ex-wife Molly, after the kicker was arrested in May 2015 and charged with a fourth-degree domestic violence assault, and released on Wednesday by the Kings County (Wash.) Sherriff’s Office.

“I have physically, mentally, emotionally and verbally been a repulsive man,” Brown wrote in one of his journal entries. Just below that he circled the words “I have abused my wife.”

“I have been a liar for most of my life,” he wrote. “I made selfish decisions to use and abuse women starting at the age of 7 to fill this void. I objectified women and never really worried about the pain and hurt I caused them. My ability to connect emotionally to other people was zero. My empathy levels were zero.

“Because I never handled these underlying issues I became an abuser and hurt Molly physically, emotionally and verbally. I viewed myself as God basically and she was my slave.”

“I have physically, verbally and emotionally abused my wife Molly,” “I have controlled her by making her feel less human than me, and manipulated her with money” and “I have disregarded my step sons’ feelings and they have witnessed me abusing their mother.”

The contract also said he “viewed pornography on a consistent basis to manage my desire for physical contact.” Josh writes several times in the emails and journal about his addiction to sex and pornography. In one email he wrote “I developed into a sexual deviant that viewed sex as a sport all most (sic).”

I have struck fear in your heart and not love, compassion or friendship. From the bruise on your leg when we argued … to the zipper that caught you last April. I am ashamed and disgraced to call myself a husband.””

The Giants have no comment regarding this new story.

Heaven forbid Odell throws a hissy fit on the field.  That always causes heads to roll.

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