Indians 2B Jason Kipnis to Jose Bautista: ‘That’s Why You Don’t Say Dumb Sh-t.’


On Wednesday, the Cleveland Indians eliminated the Toronto Blue Jays in Game 5 of the ALCS to advance to their first World Series since 1997.

After the game it was all smiles and sh*t talking, at least from Cleveland Indians 2nd baseman Jason Kipnis, who had plenty to say about Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista, who predicted Indians’ rookie starter Ryan Merritt would likely be “shaking in his boots” during Game 5 after looking at Toronto’s lineup.

“That’s why you don’t say dumb shit,” Kipnis told reporters with a laugh. “You can quote me on that. That’s why we don’t worry about stuff like that. It wasn’t locker room material. We already know what’s at stake, we already are pretty locked in on what we’re trying to get done right now and play the game.

“We don’t worry about predictions. We don’t worry about what’s being said. These guys are so concerned about what’s going on and winning the game – nine innings in-between the lines – there’s not much that can throw us off our game.”

“Did he get a hit off him? He sure didn’t,” Kipnis said of Bautista. “Pretty good for when you’re shaking. The guy’s in his second start. That is an amazing lineup over there, that is a really talented lineup with a lot of guys with some thump in the middle of that lineup – some great hitters with some great seasons and for him to kind of breeze through it the first couple innings is incredible.”

After being eliminated, Bautista was of course asked about those comments and he explained he meant no harm when he said it.

“There’s never any disrespect meant,” Bautista said. “I simply gave my opinion on what I thought could have happened. I never said he wasn’t good enough. Obviously he’s here and in the little experience he’s had before tonight he had pitched well. I also stated that those types of matchups could go either way and sometimes people step up to the occasion and he certainty did.”
 Game 1 of the World Series is set for next Tuesday.

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