Watch: Richard Sherman Told Doug Baldwin How He Gets Away with Pass Interference Back in 2014 (Video)


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On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks held on to win a thrilling game against the Atlanta Falcons thanks to a controversial non-call on an obvious pass interference by Richard Sherman. Now it turns out the play in question was no fluke. According to a two-year-old video that resurfaced this week, Sherman has pass interference down to a science.

The video is from one of the NFL Network’s “Turning Point” segments. In it, Sherman explains to Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin how he gets away with pass interference by “grabbing skin.”

Baldwin says if Sherman grabs his arm he’ll “LeBron it,” by which he means he’ll flop to draw a penalty. (Awesome LeBron burn.) But Sherman replies that Baldwin had better “LeBron the hell out of it” since refs rarely call pass interference like that because “it looks like hand-fighting.”

Take a look:

Of course, Richard Sherman did exactly what he describes in this video to the Falcons’ Julio Jones this past Sunday. He grabbed his right arm on the skin, preventing him from catching the ball.

If I were the Atlanta Falcons I’d be pretty pissed right about now—but not at Richard Sherman. He’s just doing what the referees allow him to do. Instead I’d be pissed at NFL officials who are too stupid to crack down on this sort of thing, even after one of the most famous players in the league bragged about it on film.

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