Tim Tebow Got His First Hit! (Video)

Arizona Fall League

During his brief minor (very minor) league stint, Tim Tebow has saved a seizing fan, but he hadn’t yet gotten a hit. That ended yesterday as the former football glory boy managed to make contact and get to first in his 14th at-bat in the Arizona Fall League.

There’s not much need for setup, since this is the dregs of the minor league and we don’t know who any of the other involved parties are, anyway. So here’s the video:

Because it’s Tim Tebow, the greatest athlete to ever grace humanity, let’s look at that wondrous hit from another angle, shall we?

Is it too early to compare him to Babe Ruth?

It is NOT too early. Now is exactly the right time to make that comparison.

Prior to the hit, he had gone 0-13 with six strikeouts, so this should, seriously, help him with his confidence as he continues his baseball career.

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