ANOTHER Shark Broke into a Diving Cage, Biting at the Air Supply (Video)


I’m not sure what the testing standards are for shark cages, but I would call the recent instances of sharks busting into them nothing less than an epidemic. First is was this shark chasing a fish (and terrifying a diver), and now it’s the video below of a great white shark getting in and messing with the diver’s air supply.

Not cool, shark!

Fortunately, the divers managed to escape to safety while the shark was still stuck to the cage. They managed to free the beast by tying a rope around its tail and essentially pulling it out. Pretty freaky.

You can only get a sense of some of the craziness from the video, but the important thing is that the divers and shark all walked (and swam) away without injury.

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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