Warriors Fan Takes Side Chick on Date to Bulls Game & Gets Busted By The Cameraman (Video)


So many unanswered questions here.

Nobody likes a cheater, but if you’re going to cheat, at least be smart about it.

For some odd reason, this Golden State Warriors fan decided to take his sidechick on a date to watch the Chicago Bulls take on the Milwaukee Bucks. Instead of sitting in the cheap seats like a smart cheater would do, he decided to splurge for some court-side seats.

What he didn’t count on, and I’m not sure why, was the camera guy coming over to his section.  You can see the absolute fear in his face as he hurries to reach for his cell phone to pretend like he was on it to cover his identity.

Watch the girl as well, because she quickly moved her face and pretended to play with her hair to hide her face, like she was cheating as well.


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