Aaron Rodgers’ Teammates Joked About Him Being Gay Early in His Career

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According to the new book, Gunslinger: The Remarkable, Improbable, Iconic Life of Brett Favre (ugh), Aaron Rodgers was the butt of locker room jokes that insinuated he was gay because he didn’t talk about his manhood or his sexual conquests.

Further, as if calling his sexuality into question for the dumbest reasons imaginable wasn’t enough, Favre took pains to criticize the weakest parts of Rodgers’ game because…well, I guess it was just because Favre was kind of a jerk, too.

Here’s the entire excerpt:

Rodgers was the butt of jokes — some that he heard, many that he did not. A rumor circulated around the locker room that he was gay, based upon the fact that — unlike many of his teammates — he wasn’t one to brag about his penis size or his endless string of sexual conquests. Favre sought out Rodgers’ weaknesses (a bad throw, a clumsy scramble) and took a selfish pleasure in noting them. The problem, however, was that they were tough to find. Rodgers was Favre’s equal when it came to arm strength, and he was already, as a rookie, a far better decision maker. He read defenses like a 12-year veteran and stayed in the pocket without cowering.”

Not only are those some crazy accusations, but that’s some pretty weak writing for a guy behind a book.

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