Watch This Awesome Celtics Kid Heckle the Sh*t Out of Joakim Noah (Video)


Like most NBA centers, Joakim Noah does not have a particularly nice jump shot. And on Thursday a precocious young fan took it upon himself to remind him of that fact, just in case he forgot.

The Knicks were in Boston taking on the Celtics in preseason action on Thursday night. Late in the fourth quarter, this kid sitting in the lower bowl close to the Knicks bench started heckling Noah, at which point Noah, being a good sport and taking it in stride, stood up and started heckling right back at him.

We can’t hear exactly what the two are saying, but it’s pretty clear that the kid is making fun of the Knicks big man for a shot he took earlier in the game.

Take a look:

Seriously, how awesome is Celtics kid? Not only is he bold enough to talk trash to an NBA superstar, his impression of Noah’s jump shot is actually spot on.

The Celtics need to put this kid right behind the visiting bench every time the Knicks are in town this season.

Hell, they should put him right behind the visiting bench all the time. I’d love to see him do an impression of Dwight Howard‘s free throw when the Hawks come to town.

Hat Tip – [NBC Sports]

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