Introduces “Roster Options,” Which Is Basically Just a Way to Profit Off People Cheating at Fantasy Football

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One of the key components of fantasy football is agonizing over your weekly roster, trying to decide which players are due for a big game and which should remain on the bench. It’s what makes fantasy football gratifying. If we didn’t have to use knowledge and instinct to make tough choices, we wouldn’t get to take credit when we win and rub our friends’ faces in it when they lose.

So naturally, the NFL is trying to take this away from us. fantasy football now has a new feature called “Roster Options.” Basically, it allows you to buy roster substitutions after games are completed. So if you started Greg Olsen at tight end but Jared Cook had a monster day, no problem. Just switch them and collect those extra points.

Here’s the official explanation from the fantasy football site:

Have you ever dwelled on an important start/sit decision, only to choose the wrong player and lose by mere points? Those days are over, thanks to the all-new Roster Options feature.

Introducing Roster Options, the all-new custom league feature that allows your Fantasy league to take the next step in the evolution of Fantasy Football. Exclusive to Fantasy Football, Roster Options are the perfect fit for a custom league looking to turn up the competition or for the fantasy football manager who just can’t make that crucial starting lineup decision.


When enabled, users will be able to purchase the option to substitute a benched player into their starting lineup after games have concluded. Users can also purchase the right to roster options for their entire roster through the “Optimize Lineup” option.


Best of all, roster options are simple. It can’t be easier to get started today.

  1. Custom league manager turns the Roster Options setting on during the “Create League” process or via the “Edit Roster Options” manage tool.
  2. Team Owners click “Buy” button available on My Team page for all benched players.
  3. Complete the purchase process.
  4. If a player you purchased an option for outscores a player in your starting lineup (at an eligible position), automatically makes the post-game substitution and your total score is updated

Basically, they figured out a way to make money of you cheating at fantasy football. So they’re doing it. says prices are still TBD. However, Deadspin is reporting that a single roster switch will cost $.99, while full roster optimization will cost $3.99.

That’s right, roster optimization! Never worry about actually playing fantasy football again!

Maybe next year we’ll be able to pay $29.99 to take all the guess work out and let a computer do everything for us. Wouldn’t that be great? Here, take all my money and my fun!

Seriously, f*ck this dumb sh*t.

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