Klay Thompson Wants to Know ESPN’s Anonymous Source Who Called The Warriors ‘Cowards’ (Video)


After becoming the first ever team to squander away a 3-1 NBA Finals lead when they lost to the Cavs in seven last season, everyone has taken their shots at the Golden State Warriors.

Golden State Warriors all-star Klay Thompson isn’t so much bothered by the random people who throw shots, but he was annoyed by a certain anonymous person at ESPN who called them cowards but didn’t have the balls to put their name on the quote.

In an ESPN article about Draymond Green, the quote read as follows:

“The guys might be frustrated by his antics, but they had an opportunity to prove themselves without him in Game 5 (against the Cavs when Green was suspended) and they played like a bunch of (cowards).”

After being informed of the quote, Klay had this to say:

“How are you not going to put your name to that quote?” he began. “It’s easy to point at someone and call them a coward, behind a shade or a shield you know? But why don’t you put your name to it, and then you can call us cowards. That’s fine. You can tell us that.

“But to say we played like cowards, and you’re not going to quote the guy who said it? That’s weak to me…That actually got under my skin, because I’m like, ‘You call us cowards but you’re not going to put your name to the (quote)?’ You know what I mean? You’re not going to quote who said it, just going to say ‘Oh, some executive said we’re cowards?’ Get out of here. That made me mad.”

“We played our hearts out that whole playoffs, the whole season, and then you’re going to call us cowards and not put your name on it,” Thompson said. “Get out of here.”


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