Tyson Gay to Mentor Youth on Gun Violence After 15-Year-Old Daughter Shot & Killed


Last week, the 15-year-old daughter of U.S Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay, Trinity Gay, was tragically shot and killed in a restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky.

“Trinity Gay, 15, a rising star on the track team at Lafayette High School, and the daughter of Lexington native and Olympian Tyson Gay has died after a shooting at a Lexington restaurant.

Lexington police say they responded to a call of shots fired at the Cook Out restaurant on South Broadway just before 4 a.m.

Police say people in two cars exchanged gunfire, then drove away.

Officials say Gay was taken to UK Hospital with a gunshot wound to her neck. Police say she was not in either car.”

Instead of taking his pain and anger and doing something bad with it, Tyson Gay wants to mentor the youth of America on the tragic consequences of gun violence and how it can tear multiple families apart.

Last Sunday morning, I was awakened by the worst news a parent can hear,” Gay wrote on Twitter. “The death of my daughter as an innocent bystander is devastating, but I am determined that it not be senseless. We must come together as a community to protect each other, giving our young people the tools they need to resolve their conflicts and lead successful lives – the kind that Trinity was well on her way to living. In that spirit- and to follow in the footsteps of those who kept me on the right path as a teenager when I easily could have gone the other way – in the coming weeks we will be exploring ways to help mentor and support the youth of Lexington over the long term, so that the spirit of Trinity will sprint on long after we say goodbye to her this weekend.”

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