Vonta Leach: ‘Why is Josh Brown Still in NFL But Not ‘Black Balled’ Ray Rice’?

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp

After former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was caught on camera knocking out his then-fiance, the NFL implemented a new domestic-violence policy that should have given New York Giants kicker more than just a one-game suspension for the way he treated his ex-wife.

Former Baltimore Ravens fullback Vonta Leach, who was a teammate of Rice, took to Twitter to ask a very simple question: Why is Ray Rice essentially black-balled from the league and Josh Brown is not?

“So Giants gonna stand by Josh Brown

My thoughts on Josh Brown vs Ray Rice domestic violence case. both of them were wrong for putting hands on women. (Rice has) always told (the) truth about what happened and has owned up to his mistake. he has been going around speaking out against domestic violence. Josh Brown has been abusing his wife for years and it’s documented. How can he still have a job with NFL and Ray Rice is black balled for the league. Two similar situations and two different outcomes.”

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