A Reverend Who’s Also an Alabama Fan Threatens To Beat a Writer With a Baseball Bat


There must be a new addition to the bible, because I don’t remember seeing the part where it was okay to threaten violence over a sports team.

Just under two weeks from now, the Alabama Crimson Tide will travel to Baton Rouge to take on their hated rival, the LSU Tigers, at Tiger Stadium.

On Sunday, AL.com’s Michael Casagrande did what he usually does: published an article about the upcoming game that just stated facts about both teams and where they both ranked offensively and defensively. Nothing crazy at all.

For some unknown reason, a reverend who’s an avid Crimson Tide fan was set off by the article so much that he emailed Michael threatening to beat him senseless with a bat.


Scary part is that he truly believes that no jury would convict him for assaulting someone with a bat over a college football team. He continued:


Seems as if the Rev has been identified:

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