After 7 Games, Texans Fans Start Petition to Get Rid of QB Brock Osweiler


After luring Brock Osweiler away from the Denver Broncos with a $72 million contract in the offseason, Houston Texans fans have had enough.

On Monday Night Football, Brock Osweiler made his return to Mile High and he stunk the entire night, throwing 41 passes for a putrid 131 yards—and a brutal 4th quarter fumble as well.

After the game, Texans fans took to GoFundMe to get Brock Osweiler out of Houston NOW.


The post reads as:

“I am a die hard Texans fan and we need to get rid of Brock Osweiler or we’re not going anywhere. He is a waste of 72 million and for a dollar a day we can get him out and make Deandre Hopkins happy.”

Another one:

“I like many of you fellow Houston Texan fans have suffered long enough this season with a blind man playing quarterback. Suddenly, Ryan Fitzmagic and Brian Hoyer don’t seem so bad. The Houston Texans paid 80 million dollars for an Airmen, which are those huge inflatable people outside of car dealer ships and such. I am done having Hellen Keller at QB for this great organization. We deserve better. Osweiler is not only screwing this team, but also my fantasy team. Deandre Hopkins last year put up insane numbers  with Brian Hoyer. Yes the same Brian Hoyer who even the Browns did not want back. I expected a lot from Nuk this year. However, he can’t perform if he is consistently getting screwed by the QB.”
Another one.



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