Fans Start Online Petition To Have Bob Uecker Replace Joe Buck


This Fall Classic has a special feeling to it, as both squads haven’t won a championship in a very long time. With the Cubs making their first World Series appearance in 71 years and the Indians not winning since 1948, fans want to hear the games being called by a legend.

After the Cubs won the pennant, fans immediately went to to have Joe Buck replaced with the man who once portrayed fictional Indians announcer Harry Doyle in the hit movie ‘Major League’.

The Petition reads as follows:

“The Cleveland Indians are in the World Series.

Bob Uecker is Bob Uecker – a national treasure. And his portrayal of an Indians broadcaster in the movie “Major League” is all-time great.

Replacing Joe Buck with Uecker would put one of the truly great entertainers in the game on its biggest stage.”


So far, the petition has over 41,000 signatures.

Update: Even Joe Buck agrees with this:

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