Jags’ Marqise Lee Says He Got a Penalty Against Raiders For Saying The ‘N-word’

Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars

A verbal argument between two players in Sunday’s Jacksonville Jaguars-Oakland Raiders game resulted in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for Jaguars wide receiver Marqise Lee.

On Monday, Marqise revealed that he drew the penalty because he called a defensive player on the Oakland Raiders the N-word.

“It was back and forth,” Lee said. “In the midst of the game, emotion is going from both teams. It just so happened the ref heard me, so therefore I got the flag. I’ve got to fess up to it.”

“Throughout the whole game we had a lot of players saying a lot of different things, but that’s just the midst of the game,” Lee said, via ESPN.com. “It’s kind of hard when you have refs out there trying to limit what people say when you’ve got grown men hitting each other. You’ve got a lot of things that’s going on that’s flaring as far as in your mind. These 42 [teammates] know as far as the things I said, it wasn’t intentional at all.”

Marqise declined to name which player he used the racial slur against when asked by reporters.

“I know he [the Raiders player he used the slur against] woke up the next day not worrying about it at all just like I woke up no worrying about it. I feel like you’re going to always have that issue because you’re going to always have situations where [emotions] flame up and both teams are going back and forth and things are going to get said regardless of if the ref likes it or not.”

Lee will likely be fined $1,400 for using the racial slur. The Raiders went on to smash the Jaguars by a score of 33-16.


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