Blind, Deaf Football Player Gets Surprised on ‘Ellen’ That He’s Going to Meet Idol Drew Brees (Video)


Being blind or deaf is one thing, but being both at the same time is enough to break anyone down…that is, unless you’re Marvin Pearson from Pottstown, Pa.

Pearson has been blind and deaf since the 4th grade, but none of that has stopped him from playing the game that he loves.

Pearson wears a cochlear implant to help him hear, and when the teen football star scored his first touchdown recently for his high school’s varsity football team, he was invited to ‘The Ellen Show’ to talk about his life and to help inspire others to keep pushing despite any shortcomings. 

What Pearson didn’t know was that Ellen would surprise him with an all access pass to meet his favorite player, New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees.

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