RGIII’s Girlfriend Could Probably Play QB for the Browns (Video)


As we all know, the Browns are in some uncharted waters when it comes to their QB depth chart. With a Cody Kessler concussion, they’re now starting Kevin Hogan, the sixth player to take snaps for the Browns in seven games. And if history is any indication, they might need a seventh.

If so, they should turn to RGIII’s girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko. I’m not sure if her football talent was sexually transmitted from the Browns QB, but she looks like she’s steady back there and has a cannon for an arm.

Take a look right here: 

While my baby @rgiii can’t play, imma hold it down #IGotYourBackBaby #LearnedFromTheBest #WhenTrackTeamFindsAFootball #KenielWithTheHands

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Perhaps the problem is that she’s got access to the Browns practice facility while Kevin Hogan has to run snaps with his receivers in the alley behind the grocery store. Or maybe there’s a simpler explanation for their troubles…they’re the Browns.

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