Russell Wilson Has a Really Stupid Idea For Avoiding Ties

Russell Wilson idea to avoid ties

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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson doesn’t like ties, and he’s got an idea that he says could prevent them from happening. It’s a stupid idea, but hey, at least he’s thinking outside the box.

Wilson shared his solution following Seattle’s embarrassing 6-6 tie against Arizona on Sunday night.

“Let’s say we’re the away team,” Wilson explained. “We win the coin toss, we get the ball on the 35-yard line going in. You kick one field goal. You can’t do anything else but a field goal. You make the field goal, the game’s over. If you miss the field goal, the game’s over and the other team wins.”

Clearly Russell Wilson did not really think that idea all the way through. If the other team misses you win? That is so ridiculous the NFL will probably seriously consider it.

Now, having each team attempt three field goals from, say, 50 yards? That’s an interesting idea. It too has it’s drawbacks, as hockey and soccer fans can attest. But it’s better than Wilson’s idea of one make-or-break field goal.

Of course, the NCAA has already figured out the best way to avoid ties. They just keep giving each team the ball on the 25 yard line until somebody wins. The NFL could do some variation of that and fans would love it. However, it would also inflate stats and screw up gambling. So don’t hold your breath.

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