Poker Player Takes Down His ‘Abusive’ Opponent with Sweet, Sweet Karma (Video)


Considering how high tensions run with money at stake, it’s pretty surprising that we don’t see more fights bust out at poker tables. I guess it’s a testament to their professionalism. But that doesn’t mean it never happens. In fact, it happened recently at the World Series of Poker. Noted outspoken player William Kassouf began getting under the skin of Griffin Benger when Benger called him out, saying the following: 

“You’re just an abusive person, man, it’s not funny. It’s not a game. You’re being abusive. What you’re doing to me, you’re a bully. It’s rude. It’s mean.”

Here’s the video:

As you’ll see, Kassouf was sitting on pocket kings and went all-in. Benger revealed pocket aces. The cards went his way, and the “victim” ended up knocking out Kassouf in a sweet moment of justice.

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