Gronk Goes Undercover as Lyft Driver, Hilarity Ensues (Video)


We’ve seen a lot of famous athletes go undercover as Lyft drivers, from David Ortiz and Richard Sherman to Shaquille O’Neal and Danica Patrick. Now, at long last, it is Gronk‘s turn.

The New England Patriots tight end recently pretended to be a Lyft driver in New England for the ridesharing company’s cleverly titled YouTube series “Undercover Lyft.” And like pretty much everything Rob Gronkowski does, it was highly entertaining.

Despite the fact that Gronk is probably the third-most popular athlete in New England after Tom Brady and the aforementioned Big Papi, his passengers did not recognize him immediately. That gave him plenty of time to talk about such things as the lesser-known players on the Patriots roster, Tom Brady’s hair and skincare regimen, and whether or not one of the passengers actually met Gronk one time in a Boston bar.

Oh, and since you’re probably wondering, let me address the elephant in the room before you even play the video. Yes, obviously, Gronk does fart on camera. But don’t worry! It didn’t smell, so he was in the clear.

Now please, take a look:

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My favorite line? It’s a toss up between “No one knows the centers!” and “I’m not trying to get with him.”

What’s yours?

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