Beleaguered 76ers Fans Break Out MVP Chant After Joel Embiid Scores 20 Points in Long-Awaited NBA Debut (Video)

Joel Embid Sixers Fans MVP Chant

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The Philadelphia 76ers season opener was a total dumpster fire. Not only did the team lose, but a rowdy fan got ejected for giving Russell Westbrook the finger, fans booed the halftime performers off the court, and the team waded into controversial waters by banning a singer from performing the national anthem because they didn’t like her “We Matter” shirt.

There was one thing that went right, however. Joel Embiid finally made his NBA debut. And not only did the former no. 3 draft pick not shatter any of his fragile giant bones, he actually managed to record 20 points and seven rebounds in 22 minutes, which is really damn good.

As you probably know, the Sixers have been tanking for four years in an attempt to stock up on premium young talent. They’ve been blatantly unapologetic about it.

When they drafted Embiid third overall in 2014 despite the fact that they knew he had a broken navicular bone in his foot, they told fans to trust the process.

When they announced that Emiid would miss the entire 2014-15 season because of that broken bone, they told fans to trust the process.

When they announced that Embiid had suffered a setback and would miss the entire 2015-16 season, they told fans to trust the process.

So when fans finally saw Embiid on the court looking every bit like a player who was worth the long, painful wait, they just couldn’t contain their excitement. By the end of the third quarter, they were serenading the 22-year-old rookie with chants of “MVP! MVP!”

Of course, there were also chants of “TRUST THE PROCESS,” suggesting that maybe they were 100% ready to believe the promised land is nigh:

Has The Process finally come to fruition? We’ll have to wait and see.

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