Cheeky Indians Fan Pulls Pants All the Way Down to Tinkle (Pic)

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Two

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Game 2 of the World Series was not very enjoyable for Indians fans. Cubs pitchers Jake Arrieta, Mike Montgomery, and Aroldis Chapman stymied Cleveland hitters, while Cubs hitters jumped all over Indians starter Trevor Bauer en route to a relatively easy 5-1 victory. You can imagine how it would feel if you paid $200 to watch the game in person.

Fortunately there was one selfless Indians fan in attendance who was willing to sacrifice his dignity in order to brighten up the lives of those around him. Either that or he was just really wasted.

A Cleveland tipster sent Deadspin a photo of this guy standing at a urinal in a Progressive Field restroom with his pants at his ankles, pasty white butt fully exposed to the world. Apparently the other fans in the restroom were pretty amused.

Take a look:


Amazingly, this guy was only the second most embarrassing Indians fan at the game last night.

If for some reason you’d like to see the the butt unblurred, head on over to Deadspin.

Hang in there, Cleveland.

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