Sad Indians Fan in Incredibly Racist Costume Gets Roasted on Twitter (Video + Tweets)


Fox cameras spotted a sad Indians fan wearing an incredibly racist Native American costume at Progressive Field during Game 2 of the World Series on Wednesday night. The fan appeared on screen for about eight seconds as the broadcast cut to commercial after the top of the seventh, with the Cubs leading 5-1. Take a look:

Presumably the point of that shot was to show just how dejecting the Cleveland faithful were. However, what it really did was remind everyone how offensive the team’s mascot is. So Twitter had a field day.

The Cleveland Indians introduced an alternate throwback cap with a block C back in 2011. In 2014 that block C became the team’s primary logo, and the cap with Chief Wahoo was relegated to an alternate. Finally, at the start of the 2016 season, team owner Larry Dolan announced that the use of Chief Wahoo would be scaled back moving forward.

The reason for these moves was fairly obvious. The Chief Wahoo logo is insanely racist, and the team was trying to slowly ween fans off of it.

Unfortunately, all the progress the Indians made toward phasing out Wahoo has been undone this postseason. The players have chosen to wear the Wahoo alternate unis in every single game so far this postseason, reminding everyone of the team’s racist imagery on a nightly basis.

Now there’s sad racist Indians guy.

Ironcially, earlier on Wednesday MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said he planned to talk to Larry Dolan about the Chief Wahoo logo after the season.

Looks like that talk cannot come soon enough.

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