Clippers-Blazers Matchup Ends on a Bizarre Phantom Foul Call (Video)


Last night’s game between the Clippers and the Blazers was down to the last few seconds, with the Clippers up by an insurmountable margin, when J.J. Redick took the ball across half court. Nothing terribly bizarre, right? Shabazz Napier, hoping for a miracle steal, swiped at the ball, apparently fouling Redick.

Redick sure thought so. He turned while running out the clock to referee Lauren Holtkamp and complained, “He fouled me!”

Holtkamp, standing right next to the play, but with perhaps a limited view, let the play go on for a couple seconds, then blew the whistle in response to…nothing.

It sounds weird, right? Take a look:

Many people speculating that it may have been a call made with gambling implications, but the game had already cleared the over and the Clips covered the 2.5-point spread. So what gives?

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