Raiders S Nate Allen Suing Police Over False Masturbation Arrest (Video)


I’m sorry, what?

Oakland Raiders safety Nate Allen has filed a suit against the city of Fort Myers, Fla., after he stated he was unlawfully detained by police there back in 2015.

Allen wants to hold the local police department accountable for the embarrassing public masturbation arrest and the racial profiling that he had to deal with that preceded the charge.

According to the lawsuit, Allen who is a native of Fort Myers, is also suing former Fort Myers Police Chief Douglas Baker as well as Jacquelyn Garrett and Audenia Thomas.

Allen was detained for hours by police, while authorities investigated a report of indecent exposure.

According ot an NBC affiliate — video from surveillance cameras along US-41 showed the truck driven by the suspect the night of the incident pull up next to the woman who filed the initial complaint.

Allen was driving a truck fitting the description given by the 16-year-old victim in her 911 call, police said.

Police also said the driver matched the description provided by the victim, and the vehicle was seen heading from the area of the crime location that was described to police.

FMPD said in a statement shortly after Allen was cleared that the victim never wavered in her testimony and identified Allen as the perpetrator of the alleged offense.

Police said they later obtained surveillance videos showing another truck traveling next to the victim’s vehicle.

“The video evidence clearly indicates that Mr. Allen was not the perpetrator of the offense,” a statement from FMPD said in 2015.” WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

This incident happened while Allen was playing for the Philadelphia Eagles at the time.

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