Boxer KOs His Opponent, Then Goes after His Cornerman During Rampage (Video)


I understand that boxers are pretty amped up when they fight. It probably takes a minute or two to come down after pummeling someone with your fists for 30 minutes. But that still doesn’t completely explain this bizarre incident in which Juan Manuel Lopez knocked out his opponent, Winifred Vasquez, then tried to fight the boxer’s cornerman seconds later.

They even traded a few punches before it was broken up. See it here:

And here’s some extended footage of the incident:

Something tells me, even after boxing a whole match, he would have still been good to take down the cutman if no one stepped in.

Fortunately, nothing too bad happened and the fighters even managed to hug it out after the dust settled from this strange pseudo-melee.

Hat Tip – [Bloody Elbow]

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