Washington PR Director Rudely Cuts Off German Reporter Interviewing Dustin Hopkins (Video)


On Sunday at London’s Wembley Stadium, Washington Redskins kicker Dustin Hopkins shanked a 34-yard field goal late in overtime that would have given his team a win over the Cincinnati Bengals. As a result, the NFL got its second tie in as many weeks.

To his credit, Hopkins handled the situation like a man. Instead of avoiding the media after the game, he graciously agreed to do an interview with a reporter from a German sports station as he was making his way off the field. And in the first few seconds he took full responsibility for letting his team down.

Unfortunately, Tony Wyllie, Washington’s senior vice president of communications, did not handle the situation like a man. As soon as he saw Hopkins speaking to the reporter, he started shouting “NO! NO! NO! NO!” Then he ran over and pushed the reporter out of the way.

Take a look:

It’s possible that the German reporter was violating some NFL media rule about who gets to do interviews and when. Even if that was the case, however, Wyllie’s actions were incredibly inappropriate. Remember, this is not some low-level employee. Wyllie is VP of communications.

This was not a one-time error in judgment that Wyllie could blame on jet lag, either. He has a well-documented history of being an incompetent asshole and a liar. In fact, this isn’t even the first time he’s barged in and rudely cut off an interview. He did almost the exact same thing back in 2014:

Amazing this guy still has a job, isn’t it?

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