Lawyer: NFL Only Keeping Ezekiel Elliott Domestic Investigation Open Because They Botched Josh Brown Case

Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence investigation

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Back in September, the district attorney in Columbus, Ohio, dropped the domestic violence case against Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, citing lack of evidence and inconsistent witness testimony. However, this week it was revealed that the NFL is still conducting its own investigation, and that Elliott could be facing a lengthy suspension.

On Monday night, Elliott’s attorney, Frank Salzano, issued a statement blasting the NFL and the media.

The league, Salzano claims, is only dragging out its investigation to make it look like they take domestic violence seriously after mishandling the Josh Brown case. The media, meanwhile, is paying too much attention to the bogus investigation when his client has already been cleared of wrongdoing by legal authorities.

Read the entire statement for yourself here:

For the past several days the media has elected to focus on allegations of domestic violence involving Mr. Elliot despite the Columbus, Ohio Prosecutor’s Office decision not to charge Mr. Elliott nearly two months ago. As previously reported, the prosecutor’s office conducted a thorough seven-week investigation whereby in their own words they “dotted every I and crossed every T” and concluded there was no credible evidence to file any charges against Mr. Elliott. My office provided a mountain of exculpatory evidence demonstrating Mr. Elliott’s innocence and directly contradicting all of the false allegations contained in the Accuser’s two police reports as first reported on July 22, 2016.

Yet the media has chosen to deflect the recent negative press regarding the NFL’s reported mishandling of several domestic violence matters by focusing on the NFL’s prolonged investigation of Mr. Elliott. The NFL’s interview of Mr. Elliott was conducted over four weeks ago and went unreported at the time as it was then, and still remains a non-story. It is league protocol to conduct a separate investigation whenever there are allegations of domestic violence by one of its players.

We firmly believe that the NFL should promptly close its investigation which is only open because of their apprehensiveness stemming from the recent scrutiny it has come under for its handling of other domestic violence matters. Notwithstanding the forgoing, we remain firm that the NFL will clear Mr. Elliott of any wrongdoing and this matter can be finally put to rest.

In July, Elliott’s ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence. However, the district attorney in Columbus, Ohio, declined to press charges in September citing conflicting witness testimony.

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