Lost Bet Got This Philadelphia Eagles Fan Kicked in The Nuts By His Wife (Video)


In the second half of Sunday Night’s matchup between NFC East rivals, the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, the latter looked as if they were on their way to a victory.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be as the Cowboys sent the game into OT, ultimately winning by a score of 29-23.

That wasn’t the only loss this particular Eagles fan had to deal with, as he made the mistake of placing a bet with his Cowboys-loving wife.

If the Philadelphia Eagles won: Wife would have to wear Eagles jersey

If the Dallas Cowboys won: He would get kicked in the nuts

This bet didn’t seem fair from the beginning.

The Eagles lost and Justin the Eagles fan got kicked square in the nuts.

R.I.P to them having any kids in the future after this at-home vasectomy.

Credit and thanks to Justin Trujillo for the video. Like and follow his Facebook page for more.

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