College Student Sneaks into World Series With Fake Media Credentials

Like most people who wanted to see the Chicago Cubs play in a World Series game at Wrigley Field, Butler University freshman Luke Zapolska didn’t have the funds to attend a game, so he was forced to think of other ideas.

That’s when he decided to sneak into Game 5 of the World Series with fake media credentials and miraculously made it past security, which is quite disturbing to say the least. Luke possibly could have made it throughout the entire game, but the fan in him wanted to take pictures and he just wouldn’t stop.  So people got suspicious.


Here’s how it played out in his own words:

Well when I was walking outside the stadium I went up to a gate and some guy asked me, “Are you with Monterro security?”

I said yes and then he asked why I was dressed in a suit and I said that I was told business casual. He then asked me who my manager was and after I didn’t say anything he said, “Is it Brandon?” I said, “That’s him” and he took me to Brandon who was some Jamaican dude who led me inside the stadium and when he asked why he’s never seen me I told him it was my first day. He then said I had to fill out some tax information so for about 30 mins I had to fill out some direct deposit and tax sheets. Then I was given a jacket and was given my post at the player’s entrance. I was being goofy the entire time and was making the players/media who came through laugh so they kept commenting on how I was doing such a great job.

What got me in trouble is I kept taking pictures with players and a manager saw me (I had no idea who the managers were). Then all the bosses came up to me and kept asking how I got employed and everything and I must have lied well enough for them to believe me because they told me to go back to work. But I guess another person must have complained about pictures because they said they got another complaint about pictures and had to send me home for the day. They started to escort me out but I made a last attempt effort to stay by asking to go to the bathroom, where I waited in a stall for over an hour trying to wait them out. Eventually four different security people came in and nearly broke down the door trying to get to me. At that point I came out and I was searched for over 15 minutes in the bathroom.”

Zapolska said security ultimately made him delete all his snaps and he still wasn’t able to see any part of the actual game.


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