Even LeBron James Airballs Free Throws (Video)


He might be the best in the game, but that doesn’t make him completely immune to the same mistakes that plague recreational players and DeAndre Jordan. Last night, LeBron James took a trip to the charity stripe, only to come up with nothing but…air on one of his shots.

The 74% career free throw shooter whiffed badly but still managed to go in for the “rain or shine” handshakes after this ugly toss:

More awkward than actually shooting that poorly is what you have to do afterwards. Having people step up to shake your hand after a shot like that just seems kind of cruel. Maybe they could have just left LeBron alone and not made eye contact. That’s what I would have done.

Fans at home were incredulous, as though LeBron wasn’t capable of screwing up:

You know very well he did, sir. Please don’t dwell on it.

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