Marlins Man Won’t Be at Game 7 of the World Series Because He’s Afraid Cleveland Fans Will Kill Him


Laurence Leavy, the Miami lawyer better known to sports fans as Marlins Man, has not missed a World Series clincher in five years. However, he will not be in Cleveland tonight for Game 7 between the Cubs and Indians. And it’s not because the tickets are too expensive.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Marlins Man has decided to skip Game 7 over safety concerns.

Leavy experienced some disturbing hostility from Cleveland fans during his last visit to Progressive Field back in June. In fact, as he explained in a Facebook post, things got so bad he actually had to leave the game.

Leavy also says he had to change his Twitter settings so Cleveland fans couldn’t threaten him via DM.

The hostility toward Marlins Man obviously stems from the fact that the Indians lost the 1997 World Series to the Marlins in heartbreaking fashion. However, the Cubs also experienced a heartbreaking loss at the hands of the Marlins in 2003, and their fans didn’t seem to have any problem with Marlins Man when he showed up at Wrigley for the NLCS.

In any case, Leavy has decided that keeping his World Series streak alive simply isn’t worth the abuse, so you won’t see his goofy orange Marlins gear behind home plate tonight. And that’s kind of a shame, because Marlins Man is actually a pretty cool dude.

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