Lovable Lunatic Metta World Peace Screamed ‘I Love Basketball’ While Shooting Free Throws in a Game (Video)


Metta World Peace raised the bar so high for crazy behavior when he attacked those fans at Auburn Hills about a decade ago that anything he does short of punching a fan seems like a fun idiosyncrasy. For example, last night, while playing in a game against his former team, the Pacers, the Lakers vet screamed “I love basketball” after making a free throw.

Why? I don’t know. I know I get happy and love basketball a little more when I make free throws. Or maybe the league is just paying him to yell stuff like that as part of a guerilla marketing campaign to get more people to love basketball.

Here’s the clip. It’s wonderful:

Hopefully this becomes a new thing and he loves basketball after EVERY free throw made. Then we’ll get a two-hour long YouTube compilation of him yelling, “I love basketball.” That would be fun.

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