No One Enjoyed the Cubs’ World Series Win More than Bill Murray (Videos)

Bill Murray Cubs World Series

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American treasure Bill Murray was born and raised in Chicago. He’s been a die-hard fan of the Chicago Cubs his entire life, and he was there at Cleveland’s Progressive Field on Wednesday night—and early Thursday morning—when the Cubs beat the Indians in one of the greatest baseball games ever played to win their first World Series since 1908.

Sometimes it’s annoying when famous fans use their celebrity status to weasel their way into championship celebrations. But not in this case. Bill Murray was there as the unofficial representative for Cubs fans everywhere, and he captured perfectly what being a Cubs fan is all about.

For example, this was Murray’s reaction to the final out:

The highlights only get better from there. After the Cubs made their way into the locker room for the presentation of the Commissioners Trophy, Murray stayed out on the field and had some fun with Ben Zobrist‘s special edition World Series MVP Chevy Camero:

He also took a few minutes to officially cancel school for everyone in Chicago:

After that, Murray made his way inside, where he quickly got a job as a reporter for Fox, interviewing Cubs center fielder Dexter Fowler and team president Theo “Curse Breaker” Epstein:

Finally, after he’d completed his reporting duties, Bill Murray gave one more amazing interview to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch‘s Jose de Jesus Ortiz in which he perfectly summed up what every Cubs fan on earth was feeling…before asking Ortiz if he can recycle his empty champagne bottle:

Harry Caray couldn’t have put it better himself. Congratulations to Bill Murray and Cubs fans everywhere.

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