Cubs Fans’ Tweets About Long-Suffering Grandparents and Great Grandparents Will Give You All the Feels

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Image via Getty

Every year one group of baseball fans gets to experience the thrill of winning a championship. However, no group of fans has ever experienced anything like what Cubs fans are experiencing now.

Boston Red Sox fans waited 86 years for a championship prior to 2004. Chicago White Sox fans waited 88 years for a championship prior to 2005. Those are very long waits. But Chicago Cubs fans had it worse. The last time the Cubs were champions of baseball, Mark Twain was still alive, and nobody knew what the hell a “Word War” was.

With that kind of history, people who were born and raised Cubs fans couldn’t help but think of their grandparents and great grandparents as the Cubs finally won the World Series on Wednesday. And that resulted in a lot of moving tweets.

Take a look:


Congratulations, Cubs fans. You guys deserve this one.

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