Cubs Locker Room Attendants Almost Jinxed Team by Prepping Locker Room Celebration Too Early


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Well, now we know why light-hitting Cleveland center fielder Rajai Davis hit that two-run game-tying homer in the bottom of the eight inning of last night’s Game 7. It wasn’t because Cubs closer Aroldis Chapman was gassed. Turns out the Chicago Cubs locker room attendants jinxed the team by prepping the visiting locker room for a victory celebration before they even got to the ninth inning.

Seriously. Take a look at this:


You would think anybody working for the Cubs—a team that had not won the World Series since 1908 or even been to the World Series since 1945, a team that had suffered numerous improbable collapses over the last 70 years—would have had the goddamn sense not to celebrate too early. But no. It’s the eighth inning guys, nothing can go wrong now, lets start putting up the plastic tarps and “2016 World Series Champions” banners!

Fortunately for whoever did the premature decorating, the Cubs came back and won the game in 10 innings. Otherwise they would have been Bartmanified.

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